Noah Webster Basic School

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MESA, AZ 85209
(480) 986-2335

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Noah Webster Basic School is a Charter School. This elementary school has a total enrollment of 1131 students with approximately -1 full-time teachers. It has a student to teacher ratio of about -1131 students per teacher. The average student-teacher ratio for Maricopa County is 22 to 1.
Noah Webster Basic School Demographics

Enrollment by Grade Level

»   Kindergarten Students182
»   1st Grade Students185
»   2nd Grade Students189
»   3rd Grade Students153
»   4th Grade Students162
»   5th Grade Students139
»   6th Grade Students121
Total students 1,131
Total Full-time teachers -1
Student / Teacher Ratio -1131:1

Students eligible for free lunch 286 (25%)
Students eligible for reduced lunch 166 (15%)
Charter School1
Title I Eligible4
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1 Charter schools provide free public elementary/secondary education under a charter granted by the state legislature or other appropriate authority.
4 A Title I school designated under appropriate state and federal regulations as being eligible for participation in programs authorized by Title I of Public Law 103-382.
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